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World’s Best Popcorn….No Joke

So anyone that knows us or has spent a few days at our house knows that we obsess over our homemade popcorn. Well, I don’t know if you could classify it as homemade since we didn’t grow the corn, but nevertheless, it’s delicious.  Here are the simple steps you can take to make the most delicious popcorn ever. In fact, we often have people tell us it’s better than movie-theater popcorn. Woah! If you ever want to try it…come on over and let us know ;)

First, you MUST melt the butter on the stove…NOT the microwave! The stove allows a little of the water to evaporate from the butter so when you pour it over the kernels it doesn’t make them soggy, rather still crunchy and saturated in popcorn…mmm….use 1/2 of a stick.

Sometimes we use the fancy “butter oil” found in the popcorn aisle, but vegetable oil works just the same. I don’t measure it, just pour enough to cover the top of the popper.

This is the popper we use, West Bend’s Stir Crazy Corn Popper…but anything that looks similar will work. I have heard of people popping on the stove too…but never tried it.

This is crucial! There are two different salts. Both can be found at your grocery store. Usually the blue popcorn salt is found in the spice aisle and the butter seasoning is found in the popcorn aisle.

Place 1/2 of a cup of unpopped kernels in the popper with the oil, and place the lid on top. Do not cover the lid! haha. Some people like to pour the butter in through the little holes on the top, but if you melt it on the stove it will pour very easily when it’s done.

Pop away!


When it’s done popping, place the lid on top (if you haven’t lost it like we have!) and flip it over. Do be careful because it is EXTREMELY HOT coming off…

Take a tester. It tastes AWFUL at this point. Like the 98% fat free popcorn (cardoard!)…ugh.

Okay so first pour the butter over it with a spoon. Just use a little in the spoon at a time. Every three to four spoons you should “toss” or mix up the popcorn so you don’t pour it all on top, but rather the kernels at the bottom get some butter too…(note…don’t burn the butter…bad past experience…)

Last, pour the salts to your desire. I prefer more regular popcorn salt with just a little seasoning…keep adding until satisfaction. ENJOY!!!!!!

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