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Work-flow for Engagement Sessions

We can’t stress enough to other photographers the importance of a good work-flow. We have been victims of a mindless workflow until recently and things seemed to go so much smoother. Sure, before we knew that we had to upload first, cull second, edit third, blog fourth, and so forth, but we were always thinking “what else do we need to do with that session?” or “did we do everything?”

Recently we realized that although this has not been completely disastrous yet, we needed a better plan as we approach our busiest wedding season ever. A simple, easy, and progressive plan. So we created a checklist. We are planning on creating several other checklists for major events throughout the wedding process for each of our brides; but, as for now we have this great checklist for engagement sessions.

This checklist details each step from start to finish. It tells us what we need to do and in what order we need to do it. We can’t forget anything and won’t do anything out of order anymore. Yay! This will be very helpful especially in weeks like this week where we have 5 portrait sessions (one newborn, 2 engagements, and 2 bridals) in a 6 day period. Crazy, yet exciting ;)

So, for all you photogs out there, you can access and view our Engagement Session Work-Flow Checklist HERE. It’s kind of crazy realizing how much work goes into a portrait session…our work-flow for the wedding will be crazy!!!




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