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Why We Should Spend Time in Scripture

I am thrilled to be blogging over at a brand new blog for Christian women called GLOW: Live as Light

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About two years ago, I realized that something needed to change. I was really having a hard time staying consistent with being in Scripture. I would do great for a few months and then miss, then I would do great for a week, and miss several days in a row. It felt like I just couldn’t stay consistent, and I was feeling discouraged.

I decided that it was just something that needed to change. I thought I needed to have some accountability, so I started the #lampandlight hashtag on instagram and invited friends to join me in documenting their time with the Lord as a way to keep each other accountable.

Soon, spending time with the Lord became a habit, and eventually it became the time of day that I most looked forward to.

There have been a few things that I have learned since then about why spending time with the Lord daily is so important.

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I absolutely loved this post and could TOTALLY relate! Thank you for sharing your heart.

Anna Hite Walker

LOVE this! And, it’s “crazy” that you’d post this, because I just came home from an amazing conference (True Woman), and one thing that really spoke to me is if I were truly *hungering and thirsting* for righteousness. I came home with a desire to really, truly, DIG into the world of God. And then I come to catch up on your blog, and it’s about studying the Word. ;-)

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