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Why We Always Include Engagement Sessions

If you have met with us about photographing your wedding or even read our blog for a while you know that we love engagement sessions. We feel like failures in the respect that opted out of our engagement session when we got married a few years ago and we wish we hadn’t. Because of this, we urge and plead with all of our couples, local or long-distance, to make time for an engagement session.

The main reason we do this is not to have pretty images (although you will have them), but it is because we view the e-session as a “coaching” time. Let’s face it – most brides are not professional models. For most people, posing in front of the camera can feel awkward. You don’t know where to look. You aren’t quite confident in your “model face.” You don’t know where to put your hands. Ect.

Well this weekend’s wedding just MADE OUR DAY! We had an engagement session with Laura & Shawn this past February and they were gorgeous together! Because we had that time with them and helped coach them on simple posing techniques, when it came to portrait time yesterday, they rocked it out.

Jeremy was posing them in this gorgeous light but his tongue was tied. He knew what he wanted, but for some reason it wasn’t coming. So Laura said “is this what you want?” “YES!”

And…………look at the result. GORGEOUS!

Stay tune for more images of this gorgeous couple ;)

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