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Who do we Follow?

We love photography and we love following the work of some of our favorite photographers, and keeping up with their blogs and recent work. There are so many amazing photographers out there, so this is in no way a comprehensive list. These are just the photographers that have had an impact on us, that we have learned from and that we just love their work! You may notice that they are all very different, and we LOVE that. We appreciate different things about each one of them and think they are all fabulous. These are our favorites, please tell us who your favorites are!

Deidre Lynn – Deidre is at the top of the list because she is “our” photographer. She photographed our wedding, our family and all of our branding photos. She is AMAZING, and if you don’t know who she is, YOU SHOULD!

Jasmine Star – Jasmine’s blog was one of the first that we stumbled upon when we began our photography journey, and it is one that we love checking in on frequently. Her work is gorgeous and you can tell from her blog that she is just a fun person.

Zach & Jody – Zach and Jody’s style is different than ours, but it is just so cool. They put out a ton of education out there for photographers, and they are just super sweet and always looking to move the industry forward.

Katelyn James – When you get on Katelyn’s blog you will notice a few things, a lot of teal and a ton of gorgeous colorful images. Her photos are fabulous and fun, and she takes in our opinion the best detail shots around. We have learned a lot from her blog.

Justin & Mary – Justin and Mary’s blog is where we go when we want to see clean, classic, and timeless images. Their Black and White images are stunning. We love all that they write and the invaluable information for photographers on their blog.

Jose Villa – Swoon worthy film images that look like they came out of my dream…for real

Luke & Cat – We LOVE Luke and Cat. We “met” them online and hit it off, luckily we only live a few hours away so we have been able to get together for lunch and hopefully will be able to again soon. Amazing people and amazing photographers, they are busting into the film world and their stuff is just lovely.

Deborah Zoe – I connected with Deborah about a year ago through a mentoring session, and she is so sweet. Her images are stunning and she has the prettiest office. And, she is expecting a baby this year!

Alyse French – I stumbled upon Alyse’s blog a while ago and keep coming back to see her gorgeous images. She is super sweet and I love reading her adorable tweets and seeing her bulldog on my instagram feed.

Trevor Dayley – We heard of Trevor because he is a Showiteer, and have kept up with his work, he is such a servant to his clients and the man can take some fabulous ring shots.

Nancy Ray – I just love Nancy’s gorgeous southern images. Her images are so romantic, and since she is located in the south, everytime I read her blog I want to drink a glass of sweat tea.

These are some of our favorites, we would love to hear about who inspires you!

Here’s one of our recent “branding” pictures taken by Deidre!

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Cat Neumayr

Shut up! I love all those people and then I see our name and I about died. Love you guys. XOXO

Justin Marantz

Thank you SO much for this you guys! That is an amazing list to be a part of!

Spring McKenney

some of my favorite people are on this list! :)

Kristin Schmucker

You’re Welcome!

Kristin Schmucker

Aww…we love you guys too! Thanks for being awesome!

Katelyn James Alsop

LOVE THIS POST! We follow so many of the same people! :) xoxo

Jeremy Schmucker

Sweet! We love you and your work! Thanks for all you do for the industry!!!

Deborah Z. Parker

THANK YOU guys! How incredibly sweet! You follow some amazing people!

Shawnea Frett Ajao

LOVE this list! I follow a bunch of these ah! maaazing folks too!

Julie Wilmes

Sorry, kinda late to the party but this post is AWESOME! Many of my favorites are on here :D

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