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When life hands you lemons…

Well, I guess life didn’t really hand us lemons, but Jeremy and I did make some amazing homemade lemonade today…and it was amazing! We were out this morning with my Mom buying produce when Jeremy saw a big basket of lemons at the fruit market. I suggested we make some homemade lemonade for lunch and Jeremy was all for it. We would need a bunch of lemons, but they were only $0.69 a pound so it wouldn’t be much…right? Well when we got to the cash register, Jeremy realized they were $0.69¬†each…still a good deal, but it might be some expensive lemonade…oops. :)

Jeremy did an amazing¬†job of squeezing all of the lemons, and we had a ton of fun making it together. I am not sure what was more fun making it or drinking it…

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That lemonade looks amazing!!!

Margaret Dorsett

YOu all know how to enjoy the simple things and that is refreshing:)

Elaine Joy McDonnell

What else did you put into the water besides lemons, if I may ask?

Pretty!! And now I’m totally craving lemonade!

Jeremy Schmucker

@ Elain McDonnell. 8 cups water, 4 squeezed lemons, 1 sliced lemon (pretty for the picture, lol), a squirt of lemon juice, 1 cup of sugar. Yum!

Rebekah Slaughter

I miss you 2…

Damaris Mia

Looks SO yummy!

I love making homemade lemonade…well, limeade. Such a summertime necessity!

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