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What’s in our bag? 50mm 1.2L

We are so excited to introduce our newest (probably most favorite) lens yet! We went back and forth debating between the 50mm 1.2L and the 85mm 1.2L. Although this was a super hard decision we have built our business and portfolio using the 50mm 1.4 (and 1.8) and felt that we should upgrade our strengths. There will be tons of photos coming with this beautiful lens as we head into engagement season next week so for now here are just two pics of this gorgeous lens. Oh, and it is our first L series lens with the pretty little red ring on it. So. Cool.

Here is the line-up of the three different 50mm lenses. From left to right: (1) 50mm 1.8 ($99) ; (2) 50mm 1.4 ($379) ; (3) 50mm 1.2L ($1500). We love just looking at the size difference in these lenses. The 50mm 1.8 is the world’s best bargain! We always tell new photographers if you don’t have much money, but the Canon Rebel body only (NOOO kit lens) and the 50mm 1.8. We also love the 50mm 1.4 and it provides gorgeous skin tones, nice depth of field, and is an overall great protrait lens (we also use it on details at weddings). More pics coming soon with the 50 1.2 :)!!!

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Love that lens! I actually like my 85mm f/1.2 better but the 50mm f/1.2 is so much more versatile. You made a great decision!

I Love that you have THREE 50mm :):)

Cat Neumayr

Love Love Love! :) We had a similar plan as we went from the 50 1.4 to the 50 1.2. Now… we save up for the 85 1.2. Can’t wait to see the new pictures you post with the new lovely 1.2!

Jeremy Schmucker

That’s our plan too! We have 2 engagements and 2 bridals next week, so many pics to come ;)

Anastasia Taylor

I can’t wait to see the new photos over the next couple of weeks!

Lauren Clark

I am in the process of buying my 1st nice camera but I am wanting to get the right thing! I finally decided on the Rebel T2i since I am just starting out… so you do not recommend even getting the lens that comes with it? Still trying to learn everything :) What do you think of the t2i?

Josh-Danielle Venable

I have been wondering what equipment you use. Totally forgot about these blog posts! Thanks for the info. It’s so helpful!

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