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What’s in my bag? 100mm 2.8 Macro

Recently several photographers have been emailing me and asking what equipment I use. Hands down the lens that I shoot with most often is the 50mm 1.4. However, a wedding photographer must own the 100mm 2.8 Macro lens. Must must must!

Because weddings are saturated in details, this lens has the amazing capability to focus in tight on a small area for a beautiful shot. Most often I only use this lens for ring shots. Honestly, you can not get good ring shots without this lens. Even if you have a zoom lens, I promise it will not work like this 100mm macro will.

 Here are some tips for photographer’s on how to produce an amazing ring shot with this lens:

1 – Style the ring. The ring simply on a finger, is not the most flattering shot. Even on the most beautiful hand, the fingers will look long and distracting. If you still get this shot, also get a shot of the rings by themselves. Place the ring on something that gives it texture. A flower, a rock, a seashell, anything!

2 – Lighting. You must have an abundance of light. Sometimes this is tricky if the bride wants a picture of the rings on the piano keys of the piano in a dark corner, but you must find a way to have great light. After all, isn’t that how diamonds sparkle? Whether you take the photo outside or raise your ISO just a little, make sure it’s well lit so the ring will bling.

3 – Focus. Try focusing on different spots of the ring. The safe shot would include focusing on the center stone, but don’t be afraid to get some detail shots of the side stones or band. The 100mm 2.8 Macro has an acute focus and will have amazing bokeh on everything else! love it.

Here are a couple of recent pictures taken with this lens


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gotta love the macro lens!! beautiful!

Thank you for the tips! Love your blog!

I want one : )
Beautiful shots!

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