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What were we thinking? Parenthood mistakes…

When we started decorating Stella’s nursery we knew we didn’t want to have a diaper genie. We had read online as long as you get a garbage can with a lid that closes automatically it is essentially the same. Besides, a stainless steel garbage can is much more attractive than a white plastic genie. We were so excited when we were a TJ Max last fall and we found this cute little stainless steel garbage can that we just knew would be perfect for disposing of Stella’s little “joy-filled” diapers.

Well we quickly found out that even though Stella is only in size one diapers, it only took one day to fill up her garbage can. They quickly started piling up, we were emptying the can constantly, and we finally realized we made a huge mistake. Bigger can = less emptying…sooo…this past weekend we decided to find a larger can and found the perfect one at Garden Ridge :) It actually is the same one we have in our kitchen, except only half the price!

We are sure there will be many many more lessons learned as life goes on, but this one just makes us smile because we clearly weren’t thinking…

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Stephanie Grooms

LOL that is cute! I could have told you that. :)

Jill Carestia

Lol wait til a second bundle of joy arrives, and Stella is still in diapers

Jill Carestia

You will need a dumpster!!

Michelle 'Doddek' May

Thanks for the heads up! haha.

Chas Cook

It’s so true :)

Marilyn Schmucker

Way too cute!

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