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What we are Watching | The Lorax

I always love doing posts about our favorite Netflix finds…something fun about digging through all the shows and movies to find the ones that are really good. We don’t have cable (I know, we are crazy like that) so we watch Netflix instead. We are usually finding some suspense filled action or awesome drama…and then we had a toddler. Now we watch movies with singing vegetables and silly songs sung by a cucumber. But, most recently we have been watching The Lorax.

I have to admit that it is pretty cute and though I am not an environmentalist, the story line is entertaining and sweet about a town with no trees and the little boy who sets out to get a tree for a girl (because my Mom says it is always about the girl). It is so colorful and it just makes you happy when you watch it, and the music is catchy…let me tell you, I am singing this stuff in my sleep! By the end of it everyone is singing “Let it Grow” and we are all dancing around the living room and pretending we are in Thneedville. So, if you drive by and see the three of us dancing around the room…we are probably watching The Lorax.

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Brandi Fausett Potter

watching it as we speak! lol

Kara Guffey

PS, watching this with my kiddos… now!

Saw this post earlier and it came in handy this weekend babysitting for a friends kid. =) Thank you!!

Caitie Sheppard

Catching up on all your posts (we just got internet!)… I love you guys so much! I’m thankful we live close-ish, but I do wish it was just a little closer! ;) We probably wouldn’t get anything done though… I’d always be over playing with Stella and we’d have you over all the time for coffee and our wonderful “chats”. Miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon! <3

Christianne Rylander

great to know! my son is out of school for the summer and I’m always looking for something new for him to do. Today: watch the Lorax with Mom lol.

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