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What is You Passion?

What is your passion? I checked out to see what the definition of passion was, and the first definition grabbed me right away. “Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.” The word “compelling” grabbed me right away. It is easy to say that we are passionate about something, but the proof is in what we do.


We always feel like we don’t have enough time for certain things, but the truth is that we have time for whatever is most important to us. “I don’t have time” and “I am too busy” are really just the excuses that we tell people and even ourselves when we don’t want to do something, or it just isn’t on our priority list. I am in no way saying that you need to start saying yes to everything you are asked to do. I am actually kind of saying the opposite. We have to actively say yes to the things that are really important to us, and we also have to actively say no to the things that aren’t.

So in practicality what does this look like? For me it means…

Saying yes to studying Scripture, and no to mindlessly scrolling Facebook.
Saying yes to reading life changing books, and no to novels. (Novels aren’t bad, they would just suck too much of my time)
Saying yes to quiet nights at home, and no to too many activities.
Saying yes to simplicity, and no to clutter.
Saying yes to playing with Stella, and no to too much tv time for her.
Saying yes to encouraging women to love Scripture through social media, and no to using social media to fuel discontentment.

I could keep going, but I think you get the picture. I am not perfect at that list…not even close, but thinking through what we are really passionate about and what is just sucking our time helps identify what we need to change.

So what are you passionate about? And what are you going to say no to in order to make it happen? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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I love this. I love the practical steps. We so need to see things in black and white sometimes! Say yes to this, no to that…Thanks for sharing :)

Caitie Sheppard

You. are. amazing. I love you…going to make my list now! :)

Jessica Schugardt

Fitness…photography and teaching. Thank you for sharing this. Its always a great reminder to stop making my excuses and make time for what I love. ❤❤

Ami Adams

I am passionate about reading and writing, and encouraging young girls who are struggling with who they are and being godly young women. But I don’t spend as much time writing as I should or could. I tell myself that other things are more important instead of saying no and taking some time for me.

Rachel Nordgren

Yes, yes, yes!! This is so good and so full of truth, Kristin! Simplifying our concerns enables us to amplify the passions that God has given us, and the things that are important to us. I definitely agree – saying no to what doesn’t matter enables us to say yes to the things that do. Like studying Scripture and not being overwhelmed with activities!

I recently wrote a blog series about Simplifying that you might find interesting –

Thank you for sharing your heart, Kristin!


I love this word and actually feel this way about so much now that I’m older. Once I turned 40 I just dived into the art journaling world and sharing happy mail and inspiring others and making time for me and what I love. My passion after God/family/friends is my Project Life and then all my art stuff. I’m trying to do more reading this year and writing and my camera is always with me. I’m so lucky to have many passions and later on hope to add some knitting, sewing, quilting to the list.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I loved your list and am so happy you make time for what really makes you happy. That is hard to do and especially with a little one. Oh and being a early bird helps me to have that quiet time to do these things. So if it matters to you then you have to squeeze it in somewhere.

Kelly A. Kantola

I’m passionate about watching my son play sports, raising him to be a good citizen, teaching him to be a good student. Studying Scripture….less scrolling the internet, including Facebook :/. Decluttering, Letting Go of things I no longer use.

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