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{what Coach taught me about life}

 It is no secret to those that know me well that I am such a girl. I love fashion magazines, cute shoes, and of course purses. My husband thinks it is a hidden talent for me to go into a store like TJ Maxx  and immediately go to the purse that is the most expensive. I guess I just have good taste…right?

Well, Coach is definitely one of the brands that I love. They are streamlined, clean and classic. They don’t really do “fads” and yet they are always in style.

I bought a bag after my birthday and I loved it, it was a super soft leather that really sparkled. Then the unthinkable happened, while wearing a brand new cardigan the dye on my sweater rubbed off on my gorgeous brand new bag. I was really upset about it, I had just spend all of this money that I received as gifts, and within a matter of weeks my gorgeous bag was ruined. I didn’t think I could take it back because it wasn’t really a defect and I didn’t really want to use it anymore with a big stain on it. It felt like a huge waste of money. Well, my Mom convinced me to go to the local Coach store and see what they said, I was hoping they may have some miracle cleaner that would take my problems away. What happened felt like a miracle to me, I spoke with the manager (actually, Jeremy did) and the manager explained that it was not their fault because that type of leather is very delicate, which is part of it’s appeal.

Then he said that he could not give me my money back, but that he would give me the full value of the bag (Not just what I paid for it) and let me purchase whatever I wanted in the store. I couldn’t believe it! It was every girl’s dream…I think I touched every bag in the store (because touching is way better than just looking, ask any 2 year old).

It taught me that sometimes the very best form of marketing is great customer service. I would rather shop at the Coach store than buy a Coach bag at Ross because I was treated like I was important, and like my feelings were important. I want to treat my clients and my friends and family in the same way so that others know that I care about what they care about and what is important to them is important to me. I may not be completely there yet, but I am working on it…

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I’ve never loved coach, but I’ve never seen this bag before. I LOVE it! I’m all about classic colors and clean lines. It’s beautiful.


Thanks Emily. The bag is the Madison Carryall and the color is fieldstone…love it.

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