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Welcome to the New Blog!

If you have been following for awhile you may notice that things are looking a bit different around here. Along with a little blog facelift, this site is taking on a bit of a different focus. Though it used to be mainly a place for Jeremy and I to post the weddings that we photographed, the purpose has shifted in recent months to more of a place for me to write. I started blogging more about my time in Scripture, being a Mama, and living an intentional and simplified life. So we made the decision to make a bit of a shift. We will still be shooting weddings and posting them on our Facebook page, but this blog will be a place for me to write about life and what God is teaching me. I am so exited about this new blog and about what God is doing.

I have some other exciting things in the works, so be sure to follow along on instagram to see sneak peeks of some exciting new things that will be happening soon!

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