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We make up Wordz | Part 2

So a while ago we blogged about the fact that We Make Up Wordz. We thought of several wordz right away and thought we had covered most of them, until our friends started texting and messaging us with other wordz that we make up. Glad to know our friends think we are crazy! Haha…

Nevertheless here are some other wordz that may or may not be found in your common dictionary.

1 – Cuidad – if you read spanish you may think this looks a lot like the word meaning “city.” Well, indeed it is. The story is as follows: We were on a mission trip in Mexico and while I (Jeremy) was reading the Bible story to the local children I tried to remember my Spanish training from college. Although I didn’t understand everything I read, I was able to read most of the words. HOWEVER I terribly mis-pronounced this word. Instead of pronouncing see-you-dahd I pronounced it qwee-dahd. Those poor children probably wanted to stone me and my spanglish. Needless to say, this word has stuck with the members from our group and has become a term of insult. Instead of calling somebody “stupid” or “loser,” we simply said “you are a cuidad!!!” Wow….

2 – Ver Ang – we mentioned last time that we say “ver sleep” to meaning “I’m very sleepy,” so we incorporate this into all other words by cutting off the last syllable and prefacing it with “ver.” I ver ang = I’m very angry!!!

3 – Agua Fria – ok. Again this is spanish. And we do pronounce it correctly…and we even use it correctly. However, we never say “water.” If we are sitting at the table and want the other person to grab some water we simply say “can you get me some agua fria (cold water).”

Leave a comment below with any words you make up and the story behind it if applicable. We will feature the funniest word on our next “wordz” post!

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Tammy Damore

My Grandmother had a closed in porch we sat on 12 months out of the year, she would always say ” lets go on the porch and sit for a spell” for most of my adult life I have always called taking a break from anything, a sitspell. My children know it well, all I have to say is sitspell and everyone heads for the living room.

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