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We make up Wordz

One way we keep each other laughing is by making up words. I’m not sure when this started, but we both every now and then just say something and it kind of sticks, even though it’s not a real word. Internet readers, please tell us we aren’t alone?! Here are a few of the favorites:

1 – (this is a phrase actually) “I ver sleep” – The story behind this: last year when Jeremy would wake up crazy early to go to work at the elementary school, he would occassionaly text me and ask if I was awake yet, how I was doing, if I slept well, ect. Well one morning he texted me and while still lying in bed I meant to text “I’m very sleepy” however I could muster enough energy to text “I ver sleep.” Well now, any time either say the word “very” we shorten it to “ver” and we drop off the last letter or syllable of the next word. Our new favorite is when we get angry with someone we simply state, “I ver ang!”

2 – Specialecialecialist – While we were in PA visiting my family my was telling a story about visiting a doctor and how it wasn’t resolved. Jeremy said, “well you should go see a specialist” My mom said that WAS the specialist! At which point Jeremy replied, “well it looks like you need to find a specialecialecialist!” Yep, true story.

3 – A. Buser – when we joke around with each other and lovingly nudge or poke the other we tell them “you are a buser” (pronounced byou-zer???) as in you are abusing me. Hence, you are a buser. Make sense?

4 – Elbelbelbow –  This is what you say when you are trying to say elbow after you bumped your funny bone. “I hurt my el-bel-belbow” Jeremy laughed at me a ton when it happened and then it just stuck.

If we are with you on your wedding can’t promise that we won’t make up words as we go along but can promise that we will make moment of that day even more memorable.

Here is a shot of Jeremy from when we were in PA a few weeks ago. He secretly wants to be a football star but got confused between a football and a snowball…hmm.


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What an awesome capture! I make up words too so you are not alone!


Love you guys! :) This made me smile! Can’t wait to make up wordz with my honey someday! <3

Tiana Spencer

Love it!

Gabrielle Dailey Bass

Haha! Very Cute!

Jillian Tree

You guys are tooooo cute! We don’t make up too many new words but I do mispronounce words ALL the time, and my hubby thinks its the funniest thing :)

Chris-Elizabeth Robertson

Funny! But I think you forgot the word cuidad pronounced quee-dod!

Kristin Schmucker

How could we forget! That is going in Part 2!

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