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Since January, Jeremy and I have made a point to go walking as often as possible. We used to just sit at home and relax while watching TV. As much fun as it is to be hopelessly entertained, we have both found that our marriage and love for each other has grown since we have done this. Is TV really that important?

Usually we only walk one mile. Often one and a half. Sometimes two. However, it gives us a chance at the end of the day to unwind from the stress, hide from the snacks, and openly talk to one another. It may not be as intense as p90x (which we are still doing on and off), but it works for us.  It has allowed us the freedom to share dreams, goals, and aspirations in an environment of privacy. Sure there is noise and there are other people around, but for those thirty to sixty minutes, it is just us. It’s our time. Our time to share, encourage, and love.

If you are dating, engaged, or married, I encourage you to try taking walks with your love. I promise you, you won’t regret it.


I’m proud to say, my shoes are much cuter!

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