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To Cheer Up Your Friday

The week is almost, and the weekend is almost here…and if you are wedding photographers then you still have to work this weekend. At least we get the best job ever if we don’t get weekends. Often when I am browsing Pinterest I read these hilarious little quotes and I show them to Jeremy and he never thinks they are funny. Hopefully you will think that some of these are at least a little funny. Here is my attempt at making you smile on a Friday.

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This is SO awesome :)

Karolyne Elizabeth Sloma

lol Well, *I* think they’re funny. ;)

Bethany McDonnell


Bethany McDonnell

oops meant to comment on Corina’s session…

Caitie Sheppard

Hilarious! I always laugh at these too and Charles never thinks they are funny. We’ll have to start sending them to each other! ;)

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