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Tips for Brides: The Shoe Situation

Let’s face it…heels are just so cute…but, they aren’t always the most comfortable…actually sometimes they just hurt. Granted there are some pairs that are much more comfortable than others, but most pairs aren’t going to be as comfy as your favorite flip flops. The dilemma comes in when you realize that lots of brides want that gorgeous shoe shot. I admit, that when we get to the wedding I am always super excited to see the bouquet and the shoes. In my mind when I see them I start picturing pretty album spreads with details all styled so pretty, and my heart skips a beat…but I am a nerd like that.

Luckily, there are so many options to approach this situation. Some girls tough it out and spend the day in their Jimmy Choo’s (on a side note, Jeremy used to think they were “Jimmy Shoes”, silly boy), and dance all night in a gorgeous pair of heels. Other girls decide that comfort is more important and choose some fun flats or sandals to keep things comfy. Some girls even wear some super comfy shoes and have a pretty pair just to photograph for the album. The other option that is really popular is to have two pairs of shoes. One lovely pair of heels to wear for the ceremony get some great shots of and appear in the album, and a second more comfortable pair to dance the night away. This is probably my favorite option because we get those pretty girly shots and the bride is free to slip into something more comfortable for the rest of the night.

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Tammy Damore

Well of course 2 pair is always better!!!

Sarah Guerrero

Not going to lie- I loved wearing Toms for the wedding. I was comfortable and I really just love Toms.

Candace Moore

I was barefoot at my wedding….and it was DIVINE. (perks of getting married on the shore)

Kristin Schmucker

I loved your Toms! I wish they existed when I got married since I wear them just about every day!

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