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Tips For Brides | The Model Face

The model face is one of those things that so many girls are convinced that they will not be able to do in front of the camera. Ya know, the one where you aren’t smiling, but staring down the camera…Tyra would call it smiling with your eyes. We love having a mix of smiling and laughing pictures along with more serious model face pictures because it brings a ton of variety to your session or wedding images. I am convinced that anyone can do it, even if you think you can’t. We don’t shoot models, every image you see is of a real bride who was just as nervous in front of the camera. Here are a few tips for having the perfect model face for pictures.

1. Relax, you may feel nervous in front of the camera, but relaxing will make your pictures seem so much more like you whether that is smiling for the camera or rocking the model face.

2. Trust us. We will coach you through each pose and we won’t let you do something if it isn’t flattering. We will tell you if you are looking angry or if your bangs look weird.

3. Remember that the model face and an angry face are different. We don’t want you to look angry in your photos. Tyra’s advice about smiling with your eyes is true.

4. Have fun. Don’t get stressed or nervous, we are there to help you. Enjoy your time in front of the camera and we will make you look fabulous.

Here are a few examples of brides rocking out the model face.

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