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Tips for a Successful Bridal Session

Have you heard us mention before how we just LOVE bridal sesions???!!! Both of us are from the north (Jeremy = Illinois, and Kristin = Pennsylvania) and we literally had never heard of doing a “bridal session.” Yes, engagement sessions are quite popular, but a whole photo-shoot of just the bride is foreign up north. Regardless, we just love it. There is something so simple and elegant about a bride in her dress.

So as the heat hopefully goes away in the coming months and portrait sessions resume, we wanted to give all you lovely brides out there a few tips on how to prepare for your bridal session!

1 – Hair and makeup should match the wedding day…i.e. hire a professional. We are not saying it needs to be the exact same as your wedding day, but relatively close. Most importantly, if you are planning on having a professional hair and makeup artist on your wedding day (which you should), you should also do the same for your bridal portraits. We cannot stress enough how important this is…these professionals are amazing at what they do and it makes the pictures even more gorgeous!

fort worth wedding photographers bridal session tipsfort worth wedding photographers bridal session tips

2 – Bring a bouquet. Again you want this to be similar to your wedding day. On your wedding day you will have a gorgeous bouquet and you should have one at your bridal session too. Of course, not every shot will have the flowers in it, but it’s a simple and easy way to add a little pop of color to the images.

fort worth wedding photographers bridal session tips

3 – Location. Find a location that matches you and your wedding theme. If you are planning on displaying a huge canvas (which we of course recommend!!!) at your vintage themed wedding, you probably don’t want to have your bridal portraits done in the Arts District in Dallas (very modern). In the image below, Christina chose to do her bridals on TWU’s campus, her alma mater.

4 – Accessories. Wear jewelry and accessories that you are planning on wearing for your wedding. It could also be fun to wear extra accessories. We have had brides bring strands of pearls before and it looks amazing! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

5 – Details. It’s okay at bridal portraits to bring along props that you may or may not typically use on your wedding day. For example, Bethany brought this calendar with her to her bridal session and we set the date to her wedding date. Furniture and decorations are also an easy way to add diversity to your portrait images. You can rent some amazing Vintage Furniture and other items from Rent My Dust, located here in DFW.

fort worth wedding photographers jeremy and kristin bridal portrait session tips

6 – Time of Day. We always photograph at sunset because it provides the most beautiful lighting. Ever.

7 – Be you! Take a deep breath and relax. Let us worry about the little details of the images and we just want you to come and have fun!

fort worth wedding photographers jeremy and kristin bridal portrait session tips

We hope this helps you plan for your bridal session and we can’t wait to reveal more of these gorgeous sessions in the months to come!!!

Happy Monday!

Jeremy & Kristin

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Bethany McDonnell

I loved my bridal session! And I am so thankful to have those pictures.

Cat Neumayr

Great advice!

Kinzie Marie Harvell

Okay, and when I can get back in my wedding dress lets do this too…y’all think I am joking…NOT AT ALL! :)

Jeremy Schmucker

Dis you read our whole blog today? Lol. This would be super fun!!!!!

Kinzie Marie Harvell

Not the whole blog, no,….just 1/2 :)

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