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{The importance of a wedding day timeline}

If there is one thing that helps a wedding day go smoothly it is a thorough and detailed timeline. Everyone knows that planning and thinking ahead are important, but this is often neglected on a wedding day. I make it a point to try to either get a timeline from the bride or wedding planner or to help brides create a timeline for their wedding day. A lot of brides know that they want to have gorgeous pictures of them and their husband, but they are not sure how much time to leave on their wedding day for those portraits or for the bridal party or family photos. One thing that helps the day goes very smoothly is a first look, which I wrote about this a few months ago, so be sure to check that post out here.

I think that alot of brides get overwhelmed when it comes to planning a specific timeline because there are just so many things to think about. If you aren’t sure where to start with a timeline and you don’t have a wedding planner, I would be glad to help you put together a timeline to make sure that everything on your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. Trust me when I say that having a detailed timeline with built in time for flexibility will help make your wedding day stress free. When Jeremy and I got married my wedding planner helped me plan out a detailed (read as: REALLY REALLY detailed) timeline. Copies of the timeline were then given to immediate family, the bridal party and any other people that would be helping that day so that everyone knew where they were supposed to be the day of the wedding. Obviously for photography purposes the “day of” timeline is most important, but the timeline for my wedding even included the two days before the wedding so that everything that needed to get done would get done in plenty of time before the wedding. The result, our wedding was completely stress free. I really can’t remember even one moment that I worried about anything.

If you don’t have a wedding planner it may be a good idea to give a copy of the timeline to a friend that is not in the wedding party that would be willing to help you keep things moving and make sure that everyone is in their place when they are supposed to be.

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