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The happiest of Valentines days

  I am such a girl and I love Valentines day, it helps that I happen to have the most amazing husband on the face of the earth. Did you see the sweetness he left on my blog. I had no idea that it was there and Icried when I read the sweet note that he had left for everyone to see. I have been so blessed to be able to spend everyday with my very best friend. Not only is he my very best friend but he also happens to be a fabulous present buyer…He bought me a Coach ring for Valentines day that we had stumbled on while I was getting my new bag a few weeks ago. I LOVE this ring…it is so fun, and it puts me in a good mood everytime I wear it! He also got me the prettiest purple flowers which make me smile when I walk through the door. They brighten my kitchen (even if it really needs to be cleaned at the moment).The other great thing that happened on Valentine’s day is that Anthropologie launched their new line of Bridal dresses, and accesories. It is called BHLDN and let me tell you it is fabulous! Check out their website because it is full of inspiration. I am dying to photograph a bride in a BHLDN dress! Also check out their accesories because they are fabulous! 

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Love love love the ring!!

I would definitely get married in the Ribboned Silk Gown and have my bridesmaids wear the Starburst Pleated Shift :)

Oh. My. Gosh!
Love your ring so much. How fantastic! LOVE!
And those dresses?
To die for fabulous.
So sweet he sent you a note on your blog!

Ashley Cody

I love that ring!! I think it is called the Miranda ring, if it’s the one I’m thinking of – it caught my attention because it reminded me of my sister. Love it!

Ashley Cody

I love that ring! I think it is called the Miranda ring (if it is the one I’m thinking of). It caught my attention because it reminded me of my sister. Love it! :D

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