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The Editing Journey

We were chatting in the car the other day about editing, and the traps that so many people fall into. I should say that we are not claiming to be editing experts by any means, but in the past few years we have learned a lot about what has worked and what hasn’t. When we first bought our trusty 50D, and started shooting we also bought photoshop so that we could edit our images. We read about all these photoshop actions on other photographers blogs and, we figured we needed some of those too. We didn’t know much about shooting and we certainly didn’t know much about editing. It seemed like every photo shoot we had a different style, because instead of shooting the images the way we wanted them in camera, we depended on Photoshop to fix them.

Now we do things a bit differently. We focus on shooting the way we want our images to look and then just polish them in Lightroom. The results are that our images are what we were actually envisioning and that it saves us a ton of time in the editing process. We only use Photoshop on the rare occasion that something needs a more extensive edit such as cloning something from the image. We want our images to be timeless and lasting. We want them to not look dated in several years so we try to avoid trendy actions and presets, and instead edit the images to look realistic to what was actually happening.

We understand that every photographer has their own style, and we understand that different types of post processing works for different people, but this has helped us so much to focus on our shooting and finding good light, instead of just saying that we could fix it in Photoshop.


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