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The countdown is on…

Considering that I think about weddings all the time, it is probably no secret that I am super excited for the Royal Wedding tomorrow. I mean seriously….every normal girl dreams of becoming a princess and having the wedding fit for royalty. I have been fascinated by all of the Royal Wedding coverage, and I really am beyond excited for the wedding, even if it means a 4:00 am alarm, followed by a long day of work.

I remember my mom telling me when I was a little girl about how she got up early to watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and I thought it was so cool. I wish I could be with my mom and sisters to watch the wedding because I know they will be watching and having a royal celebration. But, I guess I will have to suffice with me on my couch in my pj’s, and maybe I will be able to pull Jeremy out of bed to be my wedding date. ;)

I know that not everyone cares about the wedding, and that is fine, but I guess I am just too much of a girl sometimes. I must add a thank you to my dear husband who in the last few weeks and days has endured an unusual amount of William and Kate television specials. I told him he was way hotter than Prince William though…he is sure to forgive me…right???

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I’m waking up early to watch too! Can’t wait :)


I wish we could watch it together too. We can talk about all the details next week. I feel lucky to have seen two, it’s History.

I’m glad I already wake up at 5 everyday :)


Yay for people who don’t have to live within a budget. lol But as grand as all that pomp and ceremony is, how much of it is really worth it in the end? Just as long as you have your close friends, family, the preacher, and the love of your life, what else matters? (besides the dress and the pictures, of course) Don’t forget to invite God to the wedding, as well as to the marriage–HE is what ultimately will make your marriage last, even long after the flowers die and the memories fade. He is the true Author of Love. I’m so glad my relationship with Josh is based on and centered around Christ. God is Love, and He gives it to us freely, if only we’ll ask Him every day. <3

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