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The Best Things in 2013 | Less Facebook

Back in March I wrote a blog post about clearing the Facebook clutter, and to my surprise it was one of my most popular posts ever. I got so much feedback to the idea of keeping our social media interactions positive and simplifying who is showing up in your newsfeed on Facebook. I talked about how for me personally, I need to make a big effort to remove negativity from my life, even things as simple as people complaining on Facebook gets me distracted. I start dwelling on other peoples silly Facebook comments on things from parenting to business and it distracts me from real life…that is ridiculous. For me the solution was to unfollow a lot of people and remove posts from showing up in my newsfeed. As I have drastically cut back on what shows up in my Facebook feed I have also cut back on the time I spend on Facebook. I honestly prefer instgram anyway because I think it is much more positive, but I just have found that Facebook needs to be limited strictly.

Here is a quote from the post I mentioned above and a challenge for you as we look to start 2014.

“So here is my challenge to you, and if you will do it will make a huge difference. Head over to Facebook, and clean up your newsfeed. If someone is contantly negative remove them from your feed, if you don’t even know this person remove them from your feed, if you find yourself feeling jealousy when you read their posts remove them from your feed, if you feel like you are in constant competition with someone remove them from your feed, if you feel irritated by their posts remove them from your feed. You don’t have to unfriend these people if you are not comfortable with that, but I think it is so important to clear the clutter and negativity from every aspect of our lives including social media. This might seem silly to you, it did to me at first too. But, when I actually did it, I can’t even tell you how relieved I felt. Removing negativity from your life will have a profound effect on how much you can accomplish and how you feel.”

Kristin Life-62

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