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The Best Things in 2013 | Contentment and Making Our House a Home

Do you know what is really ugly? Unthankfulness and discontentment. Unfortunately, I have seen this ugliness pop up in my own heart on a few occasions. It is something that I began to recognize in 2013 and it has helped me to put things into perspective. With Jeremy in Seminary we have been living in a tiny little house (800 sq.ft) ┬áin Seminary housing since we moved to TX. It is tight. We currently have four people here; Jeremy and me, Stella, and my younger sister who is finishing up college close by…soon we will add #5 to our little house when Sophia makes her debut. I would be lying if I said that I never wished that we had a bigger house…but I have realized this year that it is not square feet that make a house a home, and it isn’t even beautiful decor. For me, this year, learning to be content meant learning not just to not complain about our little house, but learning to love it. It meant changing my attitude, and it meant God would need to change my heart.

I learned this year, that if we only focus on the future, we will miss out on the present. I didn’t want to wish away this season of life that was full of diapers, and seminary textbooks, and miss out on the beauty that was right in front of me. I hadn’t really decorated a ton since we moved in, other than the nursery. It bothered me that we weren’t supposed to paint and that the rooms seemed to small to do the things that I wanted. But, then I decided to change my attitude. Instead of complaining about what couldn’t be done, I would do what could be done. I don’t think this attitude applies just to your home, but could be applicable to any area of life we struggle with contentment in. So, this year we decided to make our house into our home, and fill it with things that had meaning and purpose. We saved for new furniture in our bedroom and our living room, learned how to organize better, cleaned out a ton of excess clutter and stuff, and filled our walls with meaningful photos and Scripture.

I don’t think our house will be on HGTV anytime soon, and I am still trying to work through the details of fitting another precious little one here, but I know that we will make it work, and it will be good. We will learn to be content with less stuff that really just clutters our home and our minds. We will fill our house with people we love. We will try to focus on just how much we really have. We will always strive to leave room for our Savior


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