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The baby bump at 18 weeks…

My mom has been begging for a belly picture for a little while and I have not given in to posting a photo of me getting bigger, but when we got home from church yesterday, Jeremy told me it was time to take the first picture…and then he told me I would have to put it on my blog and Facebook. So I am being a good wife and daughter and putting the picture up. Here is me at 18 weeks, AKA yesterday. Tomorrow is the big day when we find out the gender, I have tried not to overwhelm my blog with TOO much baby news, but you will have to forgive me this week, because we are so excited for tomorrow!


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Congrats! Definitely an exciting day. The day we found out we were having a boy was definitely the day things got way more “real” for me :) Good luck!

Congrats! I’m told it goes by quick so enjoy each moment


You are too cute for words………..Love you bunches.

You look beautiful! Congratulations!!!

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