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Stella’s Ears are Pierced…

Two short weeks ago our little Stella turned three months old! Can you believe it? While folding the laundry this weekend we came across a newborn size onesie and it looked SOOO small. It is crazy how time flies and even though Stella seems so small to us, she really is growing more and more every day.

To celebrate her three month birthday (because when you’re this young you get a birthday party every month…the only bad part is that the extent of her friends to invite is only mom & dad) we decided to take her to the mall and get her ear’s pierced. We realize some parents prefer to wait til their babies are older, but we didn’t want Stella to remember the pain. She really only cried for about 2 minutes and they haven’t bothered her since.

Of course Daddy had to be the bad guy holding her, and then Mommy came to the rescue to comfort her afterwards…

Can you see the tiny little dot the lady made on her ear with a purple marker?

The finished product: a happy baby at home with cute ears!

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