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Stella’s 1st Birthday

Stella has been 1 for awhile now, but I just had to share the pictures from her 1st birthday. My family came down to visit in between Stella’s birthday and Christmas so we celebrated a lot that week, but we took a day to celebrate Stella turning one, and eat lots of yummy cake by the amazing Sugar Bee Sweets. ¬†We set up a table in the backyard with lots of pink things and sat her down for her smash cake made by her Aunt CC. It was so much fun to see her have so much fun. Could she be any cuter!!!

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So much messier on the floor than in a highchair! LOVE the last picture.


Too cute. Looks like so much fun! :-)

Bethany McDonnell

This is hilarious! This made my morning! What a cute idea!


Ohmyword. This is adorable! I LOVE the last four; so cute!

Tammy Damore

I was there and I still laughed at the end, I LOVE THAT GIRL!

Genny Martin Holmes

Beautiful, beautiful baby! (And I feel the same way about cake that she does…happy, happy, happy!)

Caitie Sheppard

I love the one with her hands on her hips! What a face! Such sweet pictures/memories… Can’t wait to see y’all! I’ll call you soon! xoxo

She is way too cute!!! :)

Marilyn Schmucker

These are so so so adorable! How precious!

Luke Neumayr

Just so you know, I am going to start doing my hair like Stella’s!

Jeremy Schmucker

She makes every jealous :)

She is so cute!!Her party was absolutely gorgeous! This is my first time visiting your site so I wanted to say Hi! Your work is just beautiful!

super cute :) and super messy!

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