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Stella Grace | Weeks 5-7

So…if you picture me with a camera 24/7 you have got it right…at least since Stella has been born. I am either taking photos with my iphone and putting them on Facebook and Instagram or snapping pictures for her baby book and the blog of course. I have to share them because she is the cutest baby ever. These pictures are from weeks 5-7 , and the last one was taken about an hour ago, so I am officially caught up!

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She got some great eyes


Cute little baby sneeze! :) Love that smile! She’s probably thinking, “I’m glad I get all these pictures for free. That’ll make it easier for a modeling portfolio.”


These are so beautiful :) I love that last pic of her. It looks like she’s sayin, “hey what UP?!?!” haha….the face is so….Jeremy-ish :P

Bethany McDonnell

She is definitely an adorable baby! And seems to be quite a happy one!

Kathryn Thomason


Gina Long

She looks like the happiest baby ever!


Oh, it’s wonderful to be in love again!!!!!

Natalie Blue Miller

These pictures are precious!

Carrie Chavel Cole

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! :) Aw…I wish she and Moriah could meet, I know they’d be great friends! :)

Kristin Schmucker

Maybe someday we will come back to visit Pensacola and they can meet, or when they get older they can be pen pals. :)

Rebekah Slaughter

ahhh! those eyes! love em


well, we do agree with you — she IS the most beautiful baby w/ the most beautiful eyes ever!! i love the candidness of your shots, kristin — you are a pro! the smiling face and eyes bespeak how happy she is to be with her mommy and daddy …. my fav is the one where she is holding her finger up. you know she is saying, “now, look here — we
have to talk about some things, mom and dad…” but notice the ubiquitous smile — too cute! thanks for sharing and making us smile!

Marilyn Schmucker

She is absolutely adorable and not just because she’s my granddaughter. She does look so happy and I can hardly believe how much she’s grown since we saw her last month. Love all the pictures…who knew how wrinkled our faces get when you sneeze….what a photographer to get such a split second picture…wow!

Belinda Harper

I agree Marilyn with your comments. She is absolutely adorable and Kristin has captured some very wonderful pictures. I don’t even know how you would begin to pick some to put in print. They are ALL so good.

Jeremy Schmucker

lol Kristin said “so I put like 30 pictures on the blog, I just couldn’t decide so I put them all!” she’s pretty cute.

Jana Johns

How precious! I think she looks like Jeremy.

Johanna Lucas

Oh my goodness! She’s so adorable! She seems like such a happy baby! :)

Charity White

She is GORGEOUS! I love her little smile and stunning blue eyes!

Kristi Knox

What a beautiful girl!

Karen Owens Davis

She looks like daddy! (right now;-) )

Karen Owens Davis

And…she is beautiful!!!


stella i already so photogenic lol and you and jeremy are so good at taking pics i can seen how much you love doing it all


She’s seriously one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve ever seen!

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