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Stella Grace – Week 3-4

Now that we are finally getting into more of a routine, I hope to be blogging more. Though I am still on maternity leave, I do have quite the little model with me 24/7 these days. Since things have been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to post lots of the pictures that I have taken so it may take a little bit to get caught up to where we are now. Though Stella is already 6 1/2 weeks old now and officially out of her newborn clothes, all of these photos were taken during weeks 3 and 4. Don’t worry though, there will be more to come!

Bath time!

Yes, my baby has the most gorgeous eyes in the world.

A little photo shoot while she is chilling in her bouncer…She told me how she felt about it…Christmas morning was great, unfortunately…she slept right through the fun…

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Kristin, she’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Her eyes are amazing!

That pink Eskimo hat is absolutely adorable, but not as adorable as Stella, that’s for sure!


Love Love Love every one of these pictures!!!!!

Janice Keefer

all I see is pure love….

Angela Cairns

she is so adorable!

Dianna Bell

She is so cute.

Rebekah Slaughter

I love her! she’s so pretty! looks just like her mother :)

Carrie Chavel Cole

YAY for the pictures! I was just thinking how ironic it is that you’re a photographer and we haven’t seen many pictures of your sweet Stella! (At the same time, I do know how busy it is, and how sometimes it’s just more fun to stare and BE with her than to take the pics!) Anyway…thanks for sharing! :) She’s a sweetheart for sure!

Kristin Schmucker

I know!!! The funny part is that I have tons of pictures, I just have been too busy to have the time to put them up. Hopefully I will start getting better!

Love all the accessories!

Marilyn Schmucker

Just got home from Mary Kay’s Leadership conference and couldn’t wait to log into facebook and see if there were any new pictures or info and LOVED LOVED seeing these. Hope to skype soon. I’m so thankful for technology so we truly can watch her grow and develop. Love you all!

The pictures are beautiful!! Of course the BABY IS BEAUTIFUL!!

Johanna Lucas

Hi Kristin! I know I don’t talk with you much but I love keeping up with your blog and your sweet baby! She is seriously precious in every way! and her eyes are absolutely gorgeous! You’re family is so adorable! Congratulations a thousand times over! :)

Gina Long

She is so cute! And yes, she does have gorgeous eyes.

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