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Stella Grace at the Hospital

Although I am a wedding photographer, I will warn you that this blog is about to saturated with newborn pictures. But not just any newborn. She’s the cutest newborn ever. She’s my newborn!

Stella Grace has been such a joy to hold and kiss these last few days and I’m so glad to finally share with you just a few pictures from the hospital. Jeremy and I are so grateful for all the friends and family that praying for the three of us during this time. And most importantly we are very grateful to our Savior for blessing us with the most beautiful child we ever could have dreamed of.

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penny edmonds

What a beautiful baby! I fondly remember holding Emma and Elisabeth–what an overwhelming reminder of God’s goodness. When you’re settled and up for company, we would love to see you all and that sweet little girl. ;)


Mrs. Edmonds

Patty Thompson

Congrats! Very happy for you!

Rebekah Slaughter

Congrats Kristin and Jeremy! Can’t wait to meet her! I see you’ve already stocked up on cute little accessories :)

Elaine Joy McDonnell

She’s beautiful, and perfect. Your life is changing for the better…and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! :-) God bless all three of you.

Gina Long

She is such a beautiful baby!

Mark Schmucker

Great pictures. Can’t wait to meet her.


Oh, Stella Grace is sooo beautiful! Seeing her in the hospital brings back so many memories of holding our girls in their first days…such a sweet, incomparable time.
These pictures were only teasers — com’on, we’re waiting for the tons of pictures
ALL new parents take of their little one…! God bless each of you.

J Twigg

Congratulations! You must be so, so happy. What a precious gift from the Lord. How did labor go?
I’m halfway to one of my own, due in April. ;)

Krista Morgan

Can’t wait to see more of Miss Stella on your blog. :) Although, I might be slightly biased & think Alyssa is the cutest baby. LOL! I love the poochy lip in the above picture. Hope you all adjust well & I’m sure your family can’t wait to get down there.

Alyssa Cross

I can’t wait to meet her!


Labor was okay. 21 hours but only about 2 hours of pushing. Recovery is a different story, I’m in a lot of pain but it is all worth just to look at my little girl!

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