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Stella Grace | 6 Months

It is so hard for us to believe that Stella is already 6 months old…where has the time gone? I knew it was time for more pictures of her, and when I tried this outfit on her, I just about squealed with how adorable she is. I grabbed my camera and we headed to the backyard for a quick photo shoot. She had a blast sitting in the grass and playing with the grass and eating my pearls. You just can’t help but love this girl.


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There needs to be an “adore” button for these pics! Stella is sooo cute! :) Love the shoes shot. Keep those cutey-pie pics comin’! ;)

Cat Neumayr

Love these photos! Stella is so beautiful.

Johanna Lucas


Bethany McDonnell

I think I could explode with how much I love these pictures! She is such an adorable little model!

Bethany Hanusch

Oh my gosh that outfit! Love it

Caitie Sheppard

Oh! My! Word! I’m SO stinkin’ in love with this baby! I’m not sure how I’m going to handle having my own! Miss you all sooooooooo much!

Cindy Clinton-Kinsey

So adorable! I love the one with her mouth open…so stinking cute!

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