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Stella | 5 Months

If you remember reading a few days ago when we mentioned we went shopping in Dallas at the Galleria Mall and bought tons of cool stuff. Jeremy and I are still in love with our new fedora hats, but this little baby scarf was too cute to pass up! We took family pictures but we couldn’t resist sitting our little princess down and capturing these precious moments. We say this all the time, but it’s really true: although we know we are TOTALLY biased…isn’t she just the cutest, prettiest, most beautiful baby you have ever seen! Love her ;)

THIS is how we will remember her being 5 months old. She sticks that cute little tongue out all the time. Although part of us wishes she could hold it in for another picture, she is who she is and we LOVE HER!!!

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Bethany McDonnell


Krista Morgan

What a cuti =)

Celeste Hernandez Mitchell

OMG! she looks gorgeous! =)

Karen Riecks Brown

What a doll!

She is SO adorable and has the cutest little smile! Love her sweet outfit too!!

Jillian Tree

Seriously SO adorable.

Charity White

Soooo pretty

Mariah Mancroni

AH! She is gorgeous! Such a little munchkin! <3

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