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Stella | 3 Month Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that our little Stella Grace is already 3 months old today! Where has time gone? This past weekend we decided to purchase a new camera lens but were torn between two different lenses; so, we rented both of them and took pictures of the world’s cutest baby! Ha. But seriously. I didn’t even have to touch her skin in some of these pictures because the lens was amazing and Stella is just perfect. Let us know which picture is your favorite so it will help us know which lens took that shot.

Happy 3 month birthday Stella. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us! We love you…Mom & Dad.

We are officially uncool by being “those people” that squeak toys at their children to get them to smile for pictures! haha…

Apprently this is Stella’s new favorite thing to do…

Stella’s tongue plus her bunny from Nana…

So the picture on left was like “ready set SHOOT” – I (Jeremy) had my hand on her back and took it off for a split second while Kristin took the shot. We do not recommend doing this at home…haha.

Stella’s first attempt at the “model face” – she’s so cute!

Compliments to Baby Gap for the adorable outfit :)

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They are all really great but I love the last two pictures!

Patty Thompson

Beautiful! I’m a fan of close-ups….Your inspiring me to dust off my camera….Great work!

Erin Broskie Brown

She is a beautiful baby…love the photos they are great!

Johanna Lucas

I love the ones where she is sticking her tongue out! LOL Cracks me up!

Jillian Tree

She is so so so cute! My fave picture is that last & first ones :) and LOVE her coat! <3

Rebekah Slaughter

Stella, can I have your coat?

Kristin Schmucker

I know, right? That coat was the first thing I bought for her when we found out we were having a girl…oh Baby Gap…they make me broke!

Sarah Seaman

Ha ha! I love her little tongue.

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