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The past few months have been good, in a quiet way. I haven’t been blogging as much, and I missed it…but I also needed a break. There is something about pregnancy and then having a newborn that will make you think about your priorities. For me it has been a time to think about what matters, and what excess I have let creep into my life and drown out the things that really matter. Now I am well into my 2nd trimester…and as I write this I realize I am just a few weeks away from my 3rd. I think the exhausted pregnancy haze is starting to clear and I am ready to prepare for the changes that will take place in our family in the next few months.

I have been nesting the past week or so as evidenced by trips to Target and purchases of anything to organize our little house. I have realized more and more that clutter hinders my focus. when things are organized I feel happier and I am more productive. When my desk is clear I want to sit and write…and when it is not I want to close the office door.  I don’t think that this principle just applies to our homes though…it applies to our lives. When my life is cluttered with things and activities that are not important I feel overwhelmed and unproductive. But, when I focus on the few things that really matter I feel energized physically, emotionally, and spiritually to make what matters happen.

So for now, I will be soaking in our last few months as a family of three, organizing as much as I can, writing more blog posts, reading Scripture and journaling, and trying to stay focused on what matters and not overwhelming myself with the things that don’t.

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