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Simplified Life | Lara Casey Power Sheets

I am always on the lookout for something that is going to simplify my life, help me set and accomplish my goals, keep me focused on what matters, and keep me organized. I recently purchased Lara Casey’s Power Sheet Set and I have been loving them. I am still doing the prep work, so I will definitely write about these again once I have a chance to start on the monthly tending lists, but I have been so excited about the progress I have already made with them.

I will warn you though, the Power Sheets are hard work, so if you aren’t really committed to moving forward and making progress in business and/or life don’t bother. But here is the thing…if you want to accomplish something big you need to do the hard work. Stop thinking about it, and go do it.

I have worked through the prep work and I have made my goals, and now I am ready to start the practical day to day work, by accomplishing my goals through small daily steps. I am so excited to see the progress I will make, and share it with you!

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