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Simplified Life

Life is good. God is good. I know that we are only a few months into 2013, but this has been such a good year. I have taken the time to really dig deep, and start living the life that I have always wanted. I have been so blessed to have an amazing God, a wonderful family, and my dream job that allows me to spend time with my family and never feels like “work”.  I mentioned last week that we will have a new series on the blog because of the amazing response I have gotten from blog readers, Facebook friends and instagram followers. The blog series will be called “Simplified Life”, because it is about life. It isn’t just about business, or photography, or being a bride, or a mommy, or small business owner. It is just about living life to the fullest, about making changes in your life and getting organized so you have time for the things you love.   I have realized the past few months that there are so many small things that we can do to transform our lives. To live the life we always imagined. This year instead of thinking about it or talking about it, go do it!

Some of the things that I am doing this year are: spending time in Scripture, journaling, encouraging others, blogging, drinking more water, loving on my husband, eating more fresh foods, living on a budget, and spending more time outside playing with Stella.

I am so excited to write posts that can be an encouragement, and maybe a small kick in the pants to get out there and live life to the fullest. I call it simplified life, because I have realize that as I organize, create systems and simplify my life from excess, I can enjoy the things that really matter to me. This means less stuff and things that waste my time, and more life with the people that I love.

What things do you want to actually do this year? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you want to stop thinking about and start doing!


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This is great! I can’t post it pubic but it is wrote down on my goal list for 2013 And even bigger in my office. Look forward to this series!

So excited to follow this series!!! <3

Nice post. I’ve been having many of the same thoughts. Simplify and refocus. You’ve motivated me to stay on course. Thanks.

Such a great post, goals and God can bring amazing things to your life :)

Marilyn Schmucker

It is so exciting Kristin to see what God is doing in your life as you dig deep in His word and how He is using you to spur others on. You are brilliant and beautiful and a bright light and thankful you’re allowing your light to shine before men. For me what I’m doing is focusing on my mission statement which propels me into action; Making a difference in the lives of women and their families, internally, externally and eternally. I love seeing how God shows up through the day as I step off the bank and watch Him part the waters. Can’t wait to see you soon.

Kristin Schmucker

So excited to see you guys for more than a few hours this time!

Fabuluxe Photos

Nice post. I really enjoy it. first time here (on the blog) and I love it, you have a very cute blog :)

Tammy Damore

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say! For me, clutter has always managed to give me anxiety, and I manage pretty well to keep it out of the main house, however, I do kind of have a dump room and a basement full of clutter that I want to get rid of, but I am so overwhelmed I’m not sure how to tackle it! Cheer me on. Remember the day when you could roller skate down there

I’m so interested in eating more fresh foods. We have a huge farmer’s market right down the road from us and I need to take advantage of it! Lovely post!

Sarah Oakley Lepper

Love this! I agree that I have been inspired to do more this year, I’ve been eating healthier and another goal I have is to learn to use a sewing maching efficiently. Journaling and blogging, more time with The Lord. I’m working on them all!

Shelley Dee Richardson Hohe

Thank you so much for sharing this. So encouraging and yes we do have an AMAZING GOD! I will definitely need to start following your blog posts now :)

Caitie Sheppard

You’ve been an encouragement to me on your journey into a deeper relationship with God and the Word. So thanks! That’s been one of my goals this year and I’m loving it as well. I want to be successful in my new business with Mary Kay, learning a step at a time how to manage my time and have balance between church/family/business. God’s been so good to us in 2013…can’t wait to see what the rest of it holds! :)

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