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At the end of the year we took some time to reflect on 2012, what worked, what didn’t, and what did we need to improve on. We came up with so many things and took the entire day to refocus and get ready for an amazing 2013. We talked about so much, but at the end of that day I knew that I wanted to be more organized this year, so that I could be more productive in my work and spend more time on what matters.

I set out on a search for what was going to be a game changer for me and help me start the year off right. I had been following deisgner Emily Ley for awhile, and I knew that she had a planner so I decided to check it out. I fell in love. She sold things a la carte which I loved. I could buy the pages that I wanted, and that would help me organize the areas I was needing help in. I also bought lots of goodies from Martha Stewarts collection at Staples which is amazing!

I added dividers and spent time thinking through the areas in my life that would need their own tab. Before my simplified planner I was using a mixture of my memory, ical, and a spiral notebook. Let me tell you, having it all together is way better!

I thought through what my sections would be and I came up with these:

1. Calendar
2. Home (Grocery lists, meal plans, projects, etc.)
3. Work (To do lists, projects, goals, etc.)
4. The Big List (Thank you to the fab Katelyn James for this one that I discovered in this guest blog post for Justin & Mary.)
5. Blog (Blog topics, upcoming posts, etc.)

Once I had my sections decided I inserted journal pages, to do lists, calendar pages, grocery lists, etc. and started dumping everything into my planner. Now I can’t imagine a day without it. It takes a weight off of me, because I don’t have to remember everything. When I need to remember an appointment, deadline or idea, I write it down and then my mind is clear to work without feeling like I need to remember something.

I think the most important thing is finding what works for you. This works for me, and helps me get things done. What helps you stay organized and get things done? Always looking for new ideas.

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Tammy Damore

I didn’t think I needed this, and now that I see it explained…………I will be watching for her new inventory to come in. Thanks doll face, u love you bunches!

I have this in pink (of course!) and love it!!!!!!

Stephen Booth

Nice! getting organized is going to be huge for me this year. I just developed my first CMS to manage sessions from lead to image delivery this weekend. I’m sure others do it better, but at least I’m making progress. And progress feels so good!

Jeremy Schmucker

That is awesome. Keep an eye on the blog later this week for a post on how we organize from inquiry to wedding. :)

Kristin Layne Peddicord

Love this! Thanks for sharing :D

Alli McWhinney Photography

OH that is a great idea, that so much for sharing!

Kristin Schmucker

So glad it was helpful!

Kate Monroe

I am absolutely swooning over her planner. I’m definitely going to invest in it when she launches the new stuff! What are using the washi tape for? I’m pretty sure washi tape is one of my favorite things ever.

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