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Shooting in a Crowded Space

Perhaps in an ideal world made by photographers every session would be shot in a remote location with no one but the couple and the photographers for miles around to interfere with the perfect shot…but lets face it…that isn’t reality. In reality as photographers we have to shoot in every imaginable situation including times when there are just lots of people around. We want to get iconic and intimate images of our couples and sometimes it seems like there are 100 other people within a five foot radius…so how do we make it happen? We face this type of situation all the time, and most recently we shot Katie and Michael’s engagement session in Central Park…In NYC…on the most perfect spring day…there were a lot of people!

Photography Shooting in a crowd

Despite all of the people Katie and Michael’s session is one of our favorite engagement sessions to date…so here are some tips to get amazing images in a crowded space.

1. Find Secluded places – this probably goes without saying, but sometimes it is easy to get flustered when there are so many people around. Take a deep breath and look for the little patches that are less crowded and shoot there, these are the perfect places specifically for wider sh

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

2. Get in Tight! Sometime you just need to get in for a close up to get away from the people. Katie and Michael loved this bridge and wanted to get some shots on it, but there were a ton of people on the bridge, so we had to get creative and get in close to make the shot work.

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

3. Just Try! Found the perfect location with dreamy light, but too many people passing through…try shooting and see what happens…and don’t underestimate how nice people can be. There were lots of people walking on this path, but they stopped for a moment so we could get a shot of two lovebirds…people even said congrats as they walked by.

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

4. Shoot a Wide Aperture – I love shooting wide open, and it definitely helps in this situation. These shots were done at a 2.2 and the people just blur into the background, instead of distracting from the image.

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

5. Photoshop…it isn’t ideal because it is time consuming, but sometimes you just need to remove (or outsource) a person that might distract from an epic image. I would definitely not suggest just shooting with the intention of removing things, but if it happens once in a while it is ok.

NYC Central Park Engagement Session photo

Does this leave you with any questions, or are there any other topics that you would like us to talk about?

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Lovely glowing shots! That last one is epic! :)

Lyndsey Garber

Great post! Your last image is breath taking!

Kristin Schmucker

Thank you!

Awesome tips! LOVE the last image! :)

Katie Irsaneous

I just came across this again on your site and I have to say… I am so thankful you edited the last image. Its one of our favorites and I love that it’s just the two of us! Love you guys so much!

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