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I am without a doubt a sentimental person. Today I realized while glancing around our small apartment that I have stuffed so many memories into these few rooms, I thought I would share some things that bring back memories. Sometimes the simple things in life bring me the most pleasure.

This reminds me of the fact that Jeremy and I are convinced that the produce at Publix is so much better than Walmart’s. I mean doesn’t this just look delicious.

Christmas decorations just make me so happy, and so do sparkly things, so it is pretty easy to see why these two things are favorites, and they remind me of Jeremy and my first Christmas together…This one is a favorite, I saw one of these while we were on vacation and had to have it, but did not want to travel with it for fear that it would break, and Jeremy promised me we could get one at home…several months later I had never gotten one and saw one on Lara Casey’s from Southern Weddings Magazine’s desk…I was a bit jealous…and several weeks later when we stumbled across one Jeremy didn’t even wait for my response and picked it up and headed to the cash register.Ahh…my magazines, they drive Jeremy slightly crazy because I have them everywhere and will not part with any of them…they are my inspiration and guilty pleasure.I wear this neclace often. The pearl pendant was bought for me by my dad at the beach when I was 5 years old where you could watch the jeweler take the pearl out of the oyster clean it and make jewelry, and the Tiffany pendant was a birthday gift from my mother for my 21st birthday, worn together they remind me of my wonderful parents.The canvas of one of our wedding pictures is beautiful to us, some may think it is vain to have a three foot canvas in your living room, but we saved for three months after our wedding to get this canvas and it is priceless to us.The book of Esther is my favorite book of the Bible and always reminds me of my friend Cara and Beth Moore. I love the strength and faith depicted in the book and read it often.This is the view from my desk, thank you cards from some of the lovely people I have done portrait sessions for. Reminds me that photography touches hearts.

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