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Resources for Photographers…AKA stuff I love!

I often get questions from other photographers asking questions about the companies that I use for my business, so I thought I would put a little list together with links to some of the some companies that I love! Feel free to check them out!


Showit – Best Website Company EVER!

ProPhoto Blogs – Custom blogs that are super user friendly! You can read what I wrote about them here.

WordPress – Only the best blog format ever

Canon – I am a Canon girl for sure…I have shot Canon and Nikon and I still love Canon! That being said, it is more about the photographer than the equipment…but good equipment helps a TON!

Shootsac – I can’t imagine shooting a wedding without this ahhmazing bag…seriously you need one of these!

Apple – I still use both Apple and PC….but trust me I am making the switch. Love my Macbook Pro, and my iphone is a business essential.

MPix Pro – Great pro lab for prints and press material. They also do great business cards.

Millers – Another great lab, I love their custom printed DVDs for clients.

Forbeyon – Amazing album company. They have some of the most gorgeous albums I have seen…I want one in every color.

Photoshop – Though I think a photographer should strive to get the shoot right Straight out of Camera, Photoshop helps give every photo a professional polish that no other program can rival.

Shooting in Manual – Ok, this isn’t a product, but I still believe it is one of the most important parts to being an amazing photographer!


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