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Refreshing The Brand

Building a business and a brand is hard work. It is one of those things that you work and work at and just when you finish something, it isn’t long until it needs to be updated. The past few days we have been working on a brand refresh. We aren’t rebranding as in changing our logo or our colors, just giving the website and blog a little update so that they more closely align with our vision and style. We have been thinking long and hard about what we do, what words describe our brand, and how we want our clients to feel when they visit our site…and I am in love with what we have come up with.  Though a brand is so much more than colors and fonts, each one of those things is just a small part of your brand.

As you can see the blog has already gotten an update and we are hard at work on the website that will hopefully be launching soon! Here you can see a little bit of my vision for the blog in a stack of my notes for the blog and website… Jeremy kind of hate when I get in these moods, because I think and think and think about exactly what I want and then once I have decided I want it done right away…so a big thank you to Jeremy for working so hard with me on this!  I would love to hear what words you think describe your brand, and how you want others to feel when they come to your site!

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Kristin, I’m so proud of you! It seems like yesterday when we first “met” AND you were talking about moving and working more with Jeremy…and here you are now!! Everything is lovely and your images are stunning! Keep it up guys!

Seaside Creative

Yay! Looks so great!

I love the new look!

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