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Reflections on Easter 2013

Easter this year was wonderful. We got to spend the weekend with Jeremy’s parents who traveled down from Illinois for the weekend, and we had a great time. We played games, went shopping, enjoyed how adorable Stella is and ate way too much food.

For some reason, this Easter felt extra special. It was so nice to take some time over the weekend to truly reflect on what Easter is, what it means and how it changes everything. We were able to attend a Good Friday service at our Church which was such a blessing. Jeremy got to sing some great music with the choir, and we left the service in darkness and silence as we reflected on the meaning of what happened Friday. Next year I will wear waterproof mascara to the Good Friday service.

Our Pastor preached at the Easter service about the importance of the “Saturdays” in our lives. The times when we feel like God is not there, or doesn’t hear us when we pray, like everything is going wrong. It made me reflect so much on how the disciples must have felt on Saturday with everything they knew was shaken, and their whole world turned upside down. How many times have we felt this way in our own lives, like nothing is going the way it should. Such a sweet reminder that Sunday is coming, when morning broke and the Savior was risen things were better than they had ever been before. When all hope seems lost, there is Hope.

And an iPhone picture of my doodling.


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