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{Rebecca and Derek – Pensacola Engagement}

Rebecca and Derek are one of the two winners of the love story contest…these two are just so much fun. Derek was such a tropper, even though he does not really like to get pictures done…my sources tell me that at the end of the night he said that he had fun…and that is the goal…I want sessions to be fun! Rebecca is a ball of energy and she had Jeremy and I laughing through the whole shoot…even when we were hiding under a tree due to the rain. Love these two!

Here is the love story that they submitted…it makes me smile even more now that I know them:

While I was a nail shop girl we had a customer come in, he was a husky man, goat-tee, wearing a black cut off t-shirt with tattoos on his arm like he just got off his bike from a hell’s angel meeting, he said he knew the perfect guy for me, his nephew… Derek came in that day to record his uncle getting a pedicure with barbwired designs on his toes, he thought pedicures were so overrated but a few days later here he comes strutting back ready for us to scrub his toes. He asked me out but I was busy with work every day 9-7, working out, going back to school so I didn’t know when I could set up an actual date. I couldn’t even take an hour lunch with him just in case it was my turn in the rotation. So Derek came up to my shop one day brought a picnic basket and laid a blanket on the cement outside the shop. I wouldn’t tell him what I wanted to eat so he made a “family secret” recipe. It was cream of corn, beans, and skittles all mixed up!!! He told me to trust him and try a bite so I did. Jokes on ME!! It’s been love ever since. He calls me Ridiculous and he’s my Schweety.


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I love these! They seem like a sweet couple. The last one is my favorite.

Can’t decide between #6 or #7, they’re both amazing! Love them all.

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