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Psalm 119 Lock Screen

The Psalm 119 study along with lots of other fun things releases in the shop on Tuesday! I don’t think I have ever been this excited about a collection. This message of the beauty of God’s Word and of who He is. In anticipation for the launch, Here is a lock screen that you can use to remind yourself of this sweet truth.

Click here or on the image below to get the full size image and then save it to your phone and make it your lock screen!



The study, study bundle, and other resources will be available on Tuesday in the shop.

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Donna New

I love cooking, kitchen scents. Pumpkin would be so nice. Your blog is pretty and I love that you’re studying God’s word, Psalm 119 about God’s sweet word.

Beverly Dillow

I love your blog and look forward to being a follower! I visited through the drawing to win the candle and I’m so glad I checked out your blog! Very inspiring!

Sue Ashlee

Do you have lockscreens Ofton? I am LOVING the ps.119 study. I have to say that I love how you dont give a testimony with each section of scripture. That is one thing instructor with when choosing devotions is that most of them are about the person writing the devotion because they typically want to relate to the scripture but you keep the focus on God Himself and I LOVE THAT! Thank you for that. Please dont misunderstand me, im not saying that sharing your testimony is wrong by any means but do me, I dont want to read about an event in a daily devotion when my goal is to spend time with God and focus on Him.

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