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{Pictures of us}

This weekend was so much fun, Jeremy and I went wandering around town looking for new places to take pictures and we stumbled on a few. We took some photos of each other because we both needed updated photos for our websites. I am still debating on which photos to add to but I will be putting them up there soon. If you have any advice on which ones are your favorite don’t hesitate to leave a comment. A special thanks to my wonderful husband for having so much fun with me and taking all of these shots, I can’t wait until our next photo shoot. ;)

Also, Thank you to all of my faithful blog readers who helped make yesterday the biggest day ever for , we had the most visitors ever yesterday and it is all thanks to you! Maybe today will be even bigger!

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Love the one of you sitting on the curb, my favorite of Jeremy is the brick wall with the fire escape above, there is something very strong about it. Great job!

I love that you and your husband have photo shoots together! So cute!! I want to do that some day when I’m married. I especially love the 2nd picture of you, standing by the window. And my favorite of Jeremey is the 2nd to last one, where he is sitting down looking up at the camera. They are all beautiful!

Anne Marie

Love them all! :) Favorites are the second one of Jeremy and the one where you’re laughing. Cute! Oh and btw, your boots are fantastic! LOVE!

Love them!!! Funny thing: the grungy door/building is where i took my first senior session pics, and the garage is where i took anna’s pics! :) …and you are right across the street from that awesome green window/abandoned building we were trying to find that day!!! Can’t wait to take photos of the two of you! Did i mention you are awesome???


Loved these,,,they are great!!


oops, didn’t mean to do it twice,,,I had a msg that said there was an error and wouldn’t send so I tried again =(


Can I just say those doors behind you on that old building are fabulous! Don’t really know why but I love them! Such nice pics of you two :)

You are beautiful!
I love your shirt!
LOVE your skirt : ) and your boots?
Forget about it!

8th shot of you=gorg!

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