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My Random Life #15

I think I missed last weeks post of randomness due to the fact that I was sick, I am starting to feel better now that I am not going through boxes of tissues in a day and bags of  cough drops like they are candy.  

Jeremy and I made a trip to the produce market this morning, and it is just one of my favorite things to do. We come home with bags full of fresh fruits and vegetable and that just puts me in a good mood.

My due date is in 6 1/2 weeks! I can’t believe that it is coming so quickly, it seems that as we do more to get ready I remember more little things that need to be done. I think we have all the necessities done, but I just want everything to be perfect. Photographing little Henry this week just made Jeremy and I a little more anxious to meet our little girl. Be prepared to see LOTS of photos of her!

Pandora gets me through my work, and I have to admit that I have started listening to Christmas music, I know it is early, but I just can’t wait for the Christmas season! I love the music, the decorations, and of course….the COOKIES!!!

I can’t wait to pull out all of these sparkly decorations! What is your favorite part of the Christmas season???

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Me too! I’ve been playing Christmas music for a while now… especially since the weather is turning colder:). I told my husband today I wish I could put up our little tree, but we both agreed it’s a little too early for that yet!

Wow, I can’t believe you are going to have Stella in 6.5 weeks! Looking forward to seeing pictures:).

Sarah Seaman

Pictures with family is my favorite part.

Rebekah Slaughter

fave part? is it possible to have one? :) Your pregnancy seems to have gone by sooo fast! Can’t wait to see little Stella! She is going to be the most fashionably baby out there. Guaranteed.

Newborn | Henry

I know that I usually only post Weddings and engagements on this blog, but today I just had to post something a little different. Jeremy and I had the pleasure of shooting this newborn session with little Henry who was only 7 days old when we captured these, isn’t he precious! Henry’s parents were reffered to us from one of our amazing 2011 couples, Tim and Jessica, and we knew they would be great to work with because we just adored shooting Tim and Jessica’s wedding. I am pretty sure this adorable little boy made us even more anxious to meet our little one…only a few more weeks! To see more of this cutie you can visit Jeremy’s Studio 11 Blog!

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Marcia Damore

Just gorgeous! Hope Jeremy is trained to take good pictures of Stella.
Love you all Queenie


These are amazing!! I can’t wait to see my little man! I wish ya’ll were closer so I could have you do our baby pics! I’ll probably just take my own, but I love the ideas you give me and of course I am no photographer so they won’t be nearly as good! You guys are incredible!

Shelby J

awww.sooo cute!

Krista Morgan

Adorable little boy! I’m sure it makes ya more anxious for Miss Stella to arrive. Keep up the awesome work.

Me and my girl…

 I wasn’t going to post all of these because I told Jeremy that no one wants to see that many pictures of me, but he reminded me that my mom and sisters would…so I gave in. Here are the maternity pictures that Jeremy took of my this week. It is hard to believe that there are only about 7 weeks until Stella’s expected arrival date…we are so excited to meet her.

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Shelby J

Beautiful pictures!!!!! You look gorgeous! Good job Jeremy!

Jenna S.

Wow! Great pics! I didn’t know you were pregnant! Very pretty, and your hair looks really nice. Congrats!


You look so beautiful! And just think how much fun you and Stella will have looking back on these one day :)

Tiffany Mason

These are beautiful pictures! You look lovely! :) Congratulations.

Debbie Walters Reeder

Just gorgeous!

Heather Corporan

Beautiful photos!!! I wish I had had professional photos of even just one of my three pregnancies : ) Who doesn’t live belly photos!! By the way, that book…my FAVE!!!! My two older kids LOVE this book, and often we have ‘I love you this much’ battles til the end to see who can imagine who loves the other immensely more than the other. Precious precious book! Blessings to your growing family!

Gina Long

The pictures are beautiful, Kristin! You look great.

Amber Witt

How wonderful! Your daughter will love these too! And what a dreamy place to take pictures at :)


i wonder if stella is going to be a southpaw since most of the pictures were taken from
the left side! little mama, you are beautiful. can’t wait to see the little darling.
and big daddy, you’re ok, too! (actually, NOT — you’re way better than ok!!!)

Nicole Davis

I miss you. Jeremy AND Stella.

Lilly Leota

Kristan, you’re absolutely adorable preggo!! Glowing :) Love all your work. God bless! <3

Janice Thomas

Love the pictures!!

Courtney Damore


Jeremy Schmucker

how do I pick a favorite? gorgeousness!

These. are. gorgeous.! Love the props and Jeremy’s use of backlighting. And I’m feelin a little jealous of that skin and hair.


You look so beautiful!! Yeah for little one! Good job with the pictures, Jeremy!

Kristin, you look as fabulous as always and I am so happy for you and Jeremy. I cannot believe how little time it will be until Stella joins the world! Great captures, Jeremy!