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Alyssa and Blake | Engagement Sneak peek

Just a little preview of this amazing couple…

 Alyssa and Blake are a ton of fun, not to mention an extremely gorgeous couple, we had an awesome time tonight at their Grapevine engagement session. I can’t wait to post more of these two later this week.

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Love the boots on both of them, they look so relaxed. Great close up shot of her. They are too cute!

Alyssa Cross

LOVE! Thank you so much! We had a blast!

Shelly 'Glenn' Phillips

Such amazing shots! And such an amazing couple! So happy for you two!

Cynthia Cross

Nice job! Thanks for the sneak peek;-).

Mary Marantz

beautiful! Love her style!

Cody Cross

Looking like some West texas models to me! Great pictures guys.

My Random Life #16

For those of you who were wondering, my birthday is exactly one month from today, I think that is pretty exciting! My mom has always celebrated a “birthday month”, it is a great way to get whatever you want for the entire month instead of just one day…whenever you want something you remind everyone that it is your birthday month, and they feel obligated to do whatever you want!

I am excited for my birthday, but there are so many things coming up in the next two months that I can hardly contain my excitement. In the next 2 1/2 months we will celebrate a TON of birthdays including the birth of our little Stella Grace, Thanksgiving, Christmas and have lots of family come to visit! I really need to go shopping! I officially have one Christmas gift bought, and I am feeling behind with such a big month ahead of us.

Only about 5 weeks until my due date, and I think we are just about ready! I blogged pictures of Stella’s Nursery this week, did you get to see them?

Today I got one of the best baby gifts from my awesome sisters and Stella’s Aunt’s. It is no secret that I am pretty obsessed with Burt’s Bee’s, I love the stuff! Last year for Christmas my sisters bought me an awesome Burt’s Bee’s gift set, and today in the mail I got the coolest Burt’s Bee’s Baby Bee diaper cake gift set from them.  I love it…I have a feeling Stella will be just as addicted as her mommy some day! They signed the card from the best aunt’s in the whole wide world, and I think they are right.  

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Those two girls are the best gift givers!!!

Jose and Laura | Fort Worth Engagement

Jeremy and I had so much fun with this couple on their engagement session. They selected the Fort Worth Botanic Garden for their session and it was such a gorgeous backdrop for this session. Jose and Laura are getting married in January and I just know they will have an amazing wedding. These two are just too cool. Laura is an artist and even has an Etsy shop selling eco friendly hand dyed yarns. Jose and Laura met while they were in college and they are so adorable together. Keep an eye out in January for their wedding photos.

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She is beautiful! Love this couple.

LOVE these Kristin!!:)

Praying Expectantly

I have been attending a ladies Bible Study at our church for the past several weeks and this story was told this past week and then I read it again in our homework. Something about it just really struck me this week as a reminder of who is the one in charge. This is an excerpt from “Faithful, Abundant, True” and this section was written by Priscilla Shirer.

We took a trip to New York with my family, my parents, all three of my siblings, our spouses, and our kids. One evening at dinner I noticed that my sister’s husband , Jessie, was ordering a little appetizer as his entree for the second night in a row. So I leaned over to him and asked, “are you not feeling well?” He responded, “No, I am feeling fine, but I’ve got a large family with lots of mouths to feed. This restaurant is kind of expensive, so I’m just eating an appetizer and then I’ll go out on the street and get a hot dog from one of the street vendors.”

I looked at him in bewilderment and asked if he’d gotten the memo that our parents had sent via e-mail several days before our trip. It had clearly said that they would cover the bill for dinner each night.

He almost chocked on his tiny hors d’oerve. “What? I have been hungry for two days!” He called the waitress over and ordered the biggest steak he could get. It seems that knowing someone with adequate resources had him covered changed his perception of what his options really were.

Knowing God and the resources He’s made available to you will change the way you order, my friend. It changes not only how you pray but what you feel free to ask God for. You will begin to realize that you don’t have to pray small or with reservation. You can ask the Lord for exactly what you desire no matter how outlandish or impossible it may appear to be. Your Father has got you covered, so look at the menu differently.

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I love this. Such a good reminder. Sometimes I do that, feel like I can’t ask to much from God, but we don’t have to put him in box of a certain size. He can do all things and big things! Thank you for posting!

Brenda Eley

WOW, love this, thanks for sharing!


I needed that, thank God for using Kristin to remind me.


there are so many wonderful nuggets of truth in this study! each week’s lesson seemed to be better than the previous week (they were all great!). by the time you finish you will be so enriched, challenged to believe God for more, and charged to serve Him in
new ways.

Stella’s Nursery

Jeremy and I have been busing working on Stella’s nursery for the past few months and it is finally finished. We love this room so much and it is not out of the ordinary for us to go in throughout the day just to look at everything. Stella is expected to be here in less than 6 weeks and her room is finally ready for her. I am so thankful to Jeremy for putting hours into this room with me putting together furniture and hanging things on the walls,we are so happy with the way it came out.

The two books in this photo were my mom’s when she was a little girl, and the Peter Rabbit books below were mine. 


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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Shelby J

super cute! Good job Kristin!

Caitie T

Knew it would be beautiful and it is! Sooooooo cute! Love the color scheme! :o) Can’t wait to kiss her little cheeks… <3 you all!!

So adorable! I love the pattern on the pink blanket so much!

Rebekah Slaughter

Love it all! The colors are amazin together, and I love all the details in the wall decor, and down to the books and drawer nobs! Good job Kristin & Jeremy! I’m sure Stella will love it! :)

Nicole Davis

I wish I could see it in person! It is great :D

Bethany Hanusch

I love that the nursery matches the website. Funny how your brands carry over to your whole life!

Hyun Mi Gustavo Peterlevitz

Beautiful job! Congratulations to all three of you. How exciting this is!

Nate-Dana Lapish

Very cute!


Great room, great job! So excited for you 2,,,there’s nothing like becoming a parent for the first time. 4 boys later it’s still exciting, but there’s something so special about that 1st one. Can’t wait to see her!!

Megan Andzulis

Absolutely beautiful and so girlie! :) cant wait to meet her! And by the way I also saved my Peter Rabbit books from when I was little :)

April Russell

ohhhh my goodness! It’s adorable and now I want another girl!

Liz Cook

I adore your nursery! I especially love the way your shelving unit is set up. We have the same shelf and you are totally inspiring me to rearrange it! I just posted our nursery pictures today… looks like we are due around the same time. So fun! (

Manda Koolis

agh! so precious!


Wow, Kristin! I love it! How did you get those things to stick on the wall? They’re kinda like pompoms cheering for her arrival. :) Only 6 weeks left-where did the time go? Congrats again! :)

Her room is so precious. I love the color scheme. And pom pom flowers :)


wow! absolutely beautiful! stella will feel so welcome and loved in her little room. you both did a wonderful job pulling it all together. it is a room that will grow w/ her over the next few years, and a great reflection of her mommy and daddy’s tastes….


This is adorable! Oh my goodness! You have such a gift with creativity, I absolutely love this room!

YannetJeanna Lemasson

Simply Beautiful! Where did you get that shelf with the pink canvas bins?

[…] about 5 weeks until my due date, and I think we are just about ready! I blogged pictures of Stella’s Nursery this week, did you get to see […]

Catie Ronquillo Wood

What a cute nursery!