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Stella Grace | Weeks 5-7

So…if you picture me with a camera 24/7 you have got it right…at least since Stella has been born. I am either taking photos with my iphone and putting them on Facebook and Instagram or snapping pictures for her baby book and the blog of course. I have to share them because she is the cutest baby ever. These pictures are from weeks 5-7 , and the last one was taken about an hour ago, so I am officially caught up!

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She got some great eyes


Cute little baby sneeze! :) Love that smile! She’s probably thinking, “I’m glad I get all these pictures for free. That’ll make it easier for a modeling portfolio.”


These are so beautiful :) I love that last pic of her. It looks like she’s sayin, “hey what UP?!?!” haha….the face is so….Jeremy-ish :P

Bethany McDonnell

She is definitely an adorable baby! And seems to be quite a happy one!

Kathryn Thomason


Gina Long

She looks like the happiest baby ever!


Oh, it’s wonderful to be in love again!!!!!

Natalie Blue Miller

These pictures are precious!

Carrie Chavel Cole

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! :) Aw…I wish she and Moriah could meet, I know they’d be great friends! :)

Kristin Schmucker

Maybe someday we will come back to visit Pensacola and they can meet, or when they get older they can be pen pals. :)

Rebekah Slaughter

ahhh! those eyes! love em


well, we do agree with you — she IS the most beautiful baby w/ the most beautiful eyes ever!! i love the candidness of your shots, kristin — you are a pro! the smiling face and eyes bespeak how happy she is to be with her mommy and daddy …. my fav is the one where she is holding her finger up. you know she is saying, “now, look here — we
have to talk about some things, mom and dad…” but notice the ubiquitous smile — too cute! thanks for sharing and making us smile!

Marilyn Schmucker

She is absolutely adorable and not just because she’s my granddaughter. She does look so happy and I can hardly believe how much she’s grown since we saw her last month. Love all the pictures…who knew how wrinkled our faces get when you sneeze….what a photographer to get such a split second picture…wow!

Belinda Harper

I agree Marilyn with your comments. She is absolutely adorable and Kristin has captured some very wonderful pictures. I don’t even know how you would begin to pick some to put in print. They are ALL so good.

Jeremy Schmucker

lol Kristin said “so I put like 30 pictures on the blog, I just couldn’t decide so I put them all!” she’s pretty cute.

Jana Johns

How precious! I think she looks like Jeremy.

Johanna Lucas

Oh my goodness! She’s so adorable! She seems like such a happy baby! :)

Charity White

She is GORGEOUS! I love her little smile and stunning blue eyes!

Kristi Knox

What a beautiful girl!

Karen Owens Davis

She looks like daddy! (right now;-) )

Karen Owens Davis

And…she is beautiful!!!


stella i already so photogenic lol and you and jeremy are so good at taking pics i can seen how much you love doing it all


She’s seriously one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve ever seen!

Goals for 2012

Last night we sat down and actually wrote out our goals. Yep, we actually wrote them down on a piece of paper, with a pen. It is proven that if you actually write down your goals (instead of just talking about them like most people) you increase your chances of success two-fold! It’s a commitment. A commitment between you and you.

We really only set our “big” goals. It’s a little scary looking at that yellow piece of paper on our fridge, but it’s a constant reminder of why we work hard everyday and what direction we are heading in. Hopefully as this new year is starting you didn’t just set a New Year’s Resolution, but actually set goals. Here is just a sampling of ours:

1 – Establish our financial emergency fund again. We did so well with this, and then we moved across the country and spent half of our savings. But that is why we had it, for when we needed it. Now we just want to get back to where we were.

2 – Read through the entire Bible in 2012

3 – Have family pictures taken (seems silly, but we actually have to plan this out since the tripod isn’t very artistic these days).

Tell us what some of your goals are. Write them down not just online, but at home. Keep them in front of you everyday. May 2012 be the year that we stop talking about accomplishing things but we actually do them!

If you haven’t noticed – we are switching from Kristin Nicole Photography to Jeremy & Kristin. Here is our Facebook profile picture…kind of depressing that we have 900+ fans with KNP and now we are starting over with about 30, but we are so very excited about our new name because we love what we do because we do it together!

Click the picture to head to our new profile and “like” us – cause we’re cool…


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Stella Grace – Week 3-4

Now that we are finally getting into more of a routine, I hope to be blogging more. Though I am still on maternity leave, I do have quite the little model with me 24/7 these days. Since things have been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to post lots of the pictures that I have taken so it may take a little bit to get caught up to where we are now. Though Stella is already 6 1/2 weeks old now and officially out of her newborn clothes, all of these photos were taken during weeks 3 and 4. Don’t worry though, there will be more to come!

Bath time!

Yes, my baby has the most gorgeous eyes in the world.

A little photo shoot while she is chilling in her bouncer…She told me how she felt about it…Christmas morning was great, unfortunately…she slept right through the fun…

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Kristin, she’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Her eyes are amazing!

That pink Eskimo hat is absolutely adorable, but not as adorable as Stella, that’s for sure!


Love Love Love every one of these pictures!!!!!

Janice Keefer

all I see is pure love….

Angela Cairns

she is so adorable!

Dianna Bell

She is so cute.

Rebekah Slaughter

I love her! she’s so pretty! looks just like her mother :)

Carrie Chavel Cole

YAY for the pictures! I was just thinking how ironic it is that you’re a photographer and we haven’t seen many pictures of your sweet Stella! (At the same time, I do know how busy it is, and how sometimes it’s just more fun to stare and BE with her than to take the pics!) Anyway…thanks for sharing! :) She’s a sweetheart for sure!

Kristin Schmucker

I know!!! The funny part is that I have tons of pictures, I just have been too busy to have the time to put them up. Hopefully I will start getting better!

Love all the accessories!

Marilyn Schmucker

Just got home from Mary Kay’s Leadership conference and couldn’t wait to log into facebook and see if there were any new pictures or info and LOVED LOVED seeing these. Hope to skype soon. I’m so thankful for technology so we truly can watch her grow and develop. Love you all!

The pictures are beautiful!! Of course the BABY IS BEAUTIFUL!!

Johanna Lucas

Hi Kristin! I know I don’t talk with you much but I love keeping up with your blog and your sweet baby! She is seriously precious in every way! and her eyes are absolutely gorgeous! You’re family is so adorable! Congratulations a thousand times over! :)

Gina Long

She is so cute! And yes, she does have gorgeous eyes.

2011 Favorites…A little bit of bling!

2011 was an amazing year for us which I documented here. In addition to the many wonderful personal things that happened in our lives this year, we also had an awesome year in our business. I thought I would share some of our favorite images from this past year.

First up are some of our favorite ring shots from this past year. Every girl loves diamonds so these shots are always a ton of fun! I must admit that many of these shots were taken by Jeremy, because he is the ring shot expert! And for all the photographers out there, just about all of these shots were taken with the Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens.



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The sprinkles scoop shoot is so fun and colorful. Great idea!

Jillian Tree

gorgeous ring shots!

[…] Studio | Rings on Piano: Sincerely Liz Photography via Hill City Bride | Rings on Music Sheet: Jeremy and Kristin Photography | Couple in Background: Gillette Portrait Arts via United With Love | Ring on Shoe: Forever […]